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Thursday, 8th of March, 2012., author: kgyt Purim

Do you have Hamantaschen (Haman’s pockets)? We have only simple plum dumplings, but it’s also cool.

Read Megillah (Book of Esther)!

Tuesday, 17th of January, 2012., author: kgyt Hairdo


Tuesday, 15th of March, 2011., author: kgyt Pray for Japan


Sunday, 7th of November, 2010., author: kgyt My new friend…

It seems we’ll live together…

Wednesday, 12th of May, 2010., author: kgyt Cate cake

Cate cake

On Sunday my wife and me went to the Kispest Baptist Church. The minister, Csaba Sinka (my friend) offered us cookies, and then he brought out a package…
“This is the superfine, because that is baked by Kati (Cate).”
In the evening we ate. Yes, it was very fine and delicious. Thank you.

Monday, 3rd of May, 2010., author: kgyt Budapest

Directed by Madarász István, music by Balkan Fanatik.

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