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I am kgyt.
My real name is Károly György Tamás.
It’s so tricky for non-Hungarians. Károly (my surname) means hawk in ancient Hungarian, György is George, and Tamás is Tom. So, therefore I am Tom Károly in English.
It’s easier.

MBTI: ENFJ-A / ENTJ-A • I am a Mensa member. I am a Mensa member.

I am a photographer.
My equipment can’t define me.
Only my thoughts can take my photos; my style is a piece of my soul. This is not in the camera. This comes all from the inside.

  • Analog photo Analog photo
  • Digital photo Digital photo
  • Teaching photography Teaching photography

I am a developer.

  • CSS3 CSS3
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • jQuery jQuery
  • Bootstrap Bootstrap
  • Angular Angular
  • React React

  • C++ C++
  • Java Java
  • Perl Perl
  • Ruby Ruby
  • Python Python
  • node.js node.js
  • Swift Swift

  • WordPress WordPress

  • Apple macOS Apple macOS
  • FreeBSD FreeBSD
  • Linux Linux
  • Windows Windows

  • Database: SQL, LDAP, MongoDB, etc. Database: SQL, LDAP, MongoDB, etc.
  • Accessibility + usability Accessibility + usability
  • etc. etc.
  • Teaching development Teaching development

I am a designer.
Graphic design (freehand drawing, computer graphics, and font design), audio/video editing. Desktop publishing, printing & proofing.

  • Freehand drawing and painting Freehand drawing and painting
  • Adobe programs: Ps, Ai, Id, Pr, Ae, An, etc. Adobe programs (Ps, Ai, Id, Pr, Ae, An, etc.)
  • Corel programs Corel programs
  • Teaching design Teaching design

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